Monday, November 1, 2010

Reservations for 3 new Dwarfs: Lefty, Gimpy & Blotchy

This was an email I sent to my parents in advance of our arrival at their home this past weekend.

Hi there!
We are very much looking forward to our visit this weekend! Just wanted to give you a heads up that we are a sorry looking crew this week and these are not our planned Halloween costumes. We will be appearing as three dwarfs that were left out of the movie: Lefty, Gimpy & Blotchy. The first is Lefty, our little blonde dwarf, who slipped on her own golden slipper left on the stairs. She is now sporting a lovely blue and white sling on her right arm. (Nothing is broken or fractured, just sprained and bruised). Next is Gimpy, formerly the child star Chubette, she is suffering from a heel condition known as plantar fasciitis which is a swelling underneath the pad of her heel. Ice & anti-inflammatories are in order for this dwarf. Our final dwarf, Blotchy, is suffering from an allergic reaction to BBQ sauce that he smothered on his face while enjoying some ribs at a neighborhood party. His name may as well be itchy & scratchy, but the Benadryl and Cortizone cream are helping in that arena. Other than that, we are wonderful and looking forward to our I-95 adventure on Saturday.

Love you lots,

Gimpy, Lefty & Blotchy

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