Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why is my microwave bleeding?

I was shocked and a little creeped out when I walked into the kitchen and saw my what appeared to be my microwave bleeding little amber droplets onto my stovetop. Now I probably watch way too many scary movies and I have to tell you, if I had discovered this late in the evening while I was home alone I'm not sure that I would've opened the microwave. This also followed not too far after Halloween, so there was a slight chance that my crazy son or husband had planted a fake severed head in there. Fortunately, there was nothing disgusting to discover except alcohol abuse. My liquor cabinet is directly above my microwave and a bottle of Chambord Liquer had tilted over and was leaking through the cabinet and seeping out onto the top of the microwave and then dripping behind the microwave door and dripping out of the bottom, causing the pool of 'blood' on my stovetop. I hope that is the only time I see a reddish pool of liquid in my kitchen!

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