Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I could’ve sworn I heard angels singing…

In case you are thinking this is some kind of religious epiphany, you can stop reading now. It is altogether a different religious experience… I made my first pilgrimage to the new Hobby Lobby in town. And, sorry to go all teenager on you, but OMG! It truly is a crafter's heaven. There were so many gorgeous items begging for my attention that I literally forgot why I went there in the first place. Their floral area alone was enough to rival a botanical garden (I'm not even into flowers and I was impressed). The home décor items are to die for. There was something there for every different type of decorating style. I did however manage to control myself and only made a few small purchases (and they were on sale at 50% off to boot, happy day for me). When I first walked in I thought, oh I'm going to be spending way too much time here. Little did I know that a mere four hours later I would be back for the second time! Yes, I did go twice in one day because as I mentioned earlier I had forgotten the item I went for in the first place. So back I went, this time with kids in tow so certainly not as much fun, to get the rocket kit for DS's camping trip this weekend. On my first trip I came back with the way cool signs below that I put up as a pseudo-backsplash behind my stove – I love it!

I feel a new decorating scheme coming on... I spotted a really cool clock that I just MUST have, hmmm, maybe tomorrow - three times in one week - could it be I have a new addiction? Stay tuned :-)

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