Thursday, May 26, 2011

Project Life: Week 9 (4/3-4/9/11)

Welcome to Week 9, I hope you are sticking with this because it is SO worth it! This week was a little crazier for me with the addition swimming practices and softball practices and an exciting class that I took with my husband over the weekend. This week I felt compelled to enclose another 8.5x11 to include more slice of life stuff and I’m so glad I did. I’ve always collected this type of stuff and then it sits in a drawer or a folder waiting, and waiting…and waiting. Well, wait no more my fine ephemera! You now have a home in my Project Life!

2011 04 26_1128

We are very proud that both kids made honor roll again, Summer got her certificate last week (and Bryce probably did too) and this week I got to actually see Bryce’s certificate. Apparently with middle-schoolers there is an unwritten rule that anything your Mom actually wants to see, and particularly things that you DON’T want your Mom to see must live in the recesses of the backpack for at least a week.2011 04 26_1129 

As an additional pleasant surprise, Summer was selected as the cardinal of the week at school and got a special letter home. They also put up a poster with her picture and stuff she likes to do and it stays up for a whole week. She definitely loves the attention.

2011 04 26_1127  

I had to snap a photo of these delicious treats all lined up in a row, they looked so pretty, but my willpower kept me on the wagon. Bryce started swimming again and is really enjoying it and I *LOVE* watching him. I hope this is something he continues.

As suggested last week, I also included our schedule this week to show the comparison to last week, the days just keep filling up!

Easter invitations don’t have to boring anymore. Click the link to see more details on those.

2011 04 26_1131

I have inherited the “Kool Aid Mom’ gene from my mother. She was the Mom that always had drinks and snacks and would be available for ides to and fro. I love that I can be that for my kids as well. Picture above shows me carting my two plus three others to the mall.

I think it’s so funny how our neighborhood seems to be right on the border of things. Go out & make a left and you can get groceries, coffee, hit the bank and dry cleaners – go right however & it’s barns & cows! Living on the edge of suburbia…

Keith & I took a class together this weekend to get our motorcycle licenses. Keith was a natural but it was really hard for me. In the end it was a great experience and we both passed! Vroom Vroom!

2011 04 26_1130

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