Monday, May 9, 2011

Murder Mystery Party

If you haven’t ever participated in, nor hosted a Murder Mystery party, I highly suggest it! We had such a great time! It was nothing like the murder mystery dinner theatre we went to some time ago. Now, I will warn you, it does take several hours to go through all of the clues, etc. , but do it with a group of fun friends, and add in some cocktails and it’s sure to be a blast.

Here is our crew and in the words of my sister we apparently look like the cast of a Scooby Doo movie!

Suspects left to right:
Brady Bunsch (Scott), Angina Palpatori (Stacey) – known for giving her ‘dance partners’ heart attacks, Knight Fever (Keith) – the bartender with better moves than Tom Cruise in Cocktail,
Manny Baritone (Mike) – a famous crooner, looking for the inspiration for his next big hit, Belle Badham (Christine) – the late Stan’s wife and business partner, Polly Esther Stuffincup (Julie), Chaka Moon (Katherine) and Vinny D. Davici (Matt). Yes, 70s inspired, read the names again if you are not giggling even just a little bit.

2011 03 26_0162_edited-1

Now we are not a theatrical bunch by nature, sure we all have a little drama in our lives now and then, but none of us are professional actors, or stage performers by any means. However, as we got into this version of Saturday Night Cleaver, the Bronx accents were flying (or trying) and everyone stepped into character. The scene was set in Stan A. Live’s Funkytown Disco in ‘da Bronx in 1977. We had 70s music playing and a disco ball and strobe lights going.

2011 03 26_0693_edited-1

We ladies went with bold chunky jewelry, movie star hats, feathered back hair, and that ‘natural looking’ china blue eye shadow, mini skirts and platform boots, while the guys took a more groovy approach.

2011 03 26_0157

Psychedelic and prismatic shirts, shades, corduroys and way out hair made it very entertaining.2011 03 26_0151

A few struck a pose a la Saturday Night Fever. All 8 of us had a great time while playing this game. Mike & Christine brought yummy homemade appetizers. Scott & Julie literally ‘tossed’ a salad in the kitchen. Keith & I contributed lasagna & garlic bread to the meal. Matt & Katherine outdid themselves with an amazing spread of fruit & cake to dip in a delectable homemade chocolate sauce. We all did our best with NY accents while enjoying Long Island Iced Teas (my specialty!) The questions as well as the accusations were flying! We finally found out that Chaka did it!


And these boots are just begging to be worn again…

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