Monday, May 2, 2011

Project Life: Week 5

Welcome to my Week 5 (3/6-3/12) the week of airsoft and horses, and the week that boxes of Thin Mints snuck into my house!
Apparently my children thought it would be fun to look at the book through some 3D glasses, I never did get around to trying that though. Now that I’m more than a month into this project I am finding my groove. I find that I am more aware of the moments happening around me and a little more choosy with the pictures I take. One thing I know for sure is that the camera on my phone is most definitely getting a workout! Every single photo on this page and most of the subsequent ones as well are taken with my phone. They say the best camera is the one you have with you, and this little guy is always in my pocket. How much more convenient can you get?
I think that realization has also prompted me to make sure that I do take out the ‘real’ camera more often to get some higher quality shots. Considering that I might be lobbying for a DSLR in the very near future, I know it will be a good idea to use my existing point-n-shoot more. Honestly though, I have put the old point & pray through it’s paces and have thousands of photos to prove it, there will be no guilt there!
The two page spread:
Project Life Week 5 spread
On to the left side:
Project Life Week 5 left
The daily walk with my pup always includes a pause and pose like the top photo. She stops, she listens and then pounces. Luckily she has come up empty so far, but birds and squirrels beware. I swear she must be thinking “So many squirrels, so little time”
My son is very much into playing airsoft. For those that aren’t familiar with it, it is similar to paintball without the mess. It’s essentially the equivalent of BB guns with plastic BBs however. We spent the day driving back and forth to the CQB store in Manassas to get his airsoft gun fixed (again). It was nice to have him all to myself to chat. we got caught in a massive rain storm & stuck in traffic due to a jack knifed tractor trailer.
Photo is of “The Bat Cave” I created for him to showcase his airsoft arsenal.
Meet Alfred, the little paper creation you see above. My teenager crafted this out of a piece of looseleaf paper and introduced me to him. I thought it was hysterical and it reminded me of his younger days, I often go back to this page to visit the innocent version of my now moody teen.
Sneaky Thin Mints came into my house. I spy a green box of cookies, can you?
Beautiful card and little book were a wonderful surprise I found on my doorstep one morning from my good friend Julie.
Project Life Week 5 right
On to the right side of the page:
The photo of my kids playing may seem innocuous to most, but they rarely get along so it was nice to see them  playing the Wii with each other voluntarily. Although the picture quality is terrible, I couldn’t resist putting in this photo of these two playing together & getting along. Made My Day.
Totally surprised myself today by swimming 2/3 mile without stopping. then I met the instructor for the Master’s class and decided to give that a try too. I was pruny and exhausted at the end but learned a lot and will do it again soon.
Life is GOOD
1. Eating healthy (see veggie pic)
2. Good friends (see little book pic)
3. Home to take care of sick kids (see sleepy sick kid pic)
4. Doing nice things for them (see Bat Cave pic)
In this picture is me with a horse. His name is Rascal. It was so much fun! {Written by Summer}
We were told on Summer’s very first horseback riding lesson that apparently she is a natural. It’s so nice to hear that about your child and I am so incredibly thrilled for her!

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