Monday, May 23, 2011

Project Life: Week 8 (3/27-4/2/11)

Welcome to Week 8, I’m proud of myself for getting this far – woohoo! Lots of fun stuff to report this week.

A few months before I got Project Life I was looking for a way to capture little stories on the go and found some cool little journaling cards. So while I was watching & waiting, at the pool, at the baseball field, at the soccer field, etc. I would write on one of these cards. What I lacked was a plan of when and how I would use them, so they’ve been sitting in a little envelope very neatly and waiting to be used. I was hoping they would fit into the journaling card pockets, but alas they do not. This particular one caught my eye this week and I thought I’d try to get some extra mileage out of the week placeholder. It worked and it reads:

Every single day…
I get kisses & I love yous
I sing, I dance & take pictures
I feel lucky
I dream, I worry
I live in the moment

I drink in the goodness of…
Right here, Right now.

Here’s the two page spread for this week…

2011 04 26_1125

and a closer look at the left side:

2011 04 26_1123

Some of Summer’s spelling words, some great photos of her riding and her new glasses. She has worn glasses since she was 5 and like any other kid that HAS to wear them, she’s not a fan. So I figure the least I can do is let her pick out a pair of glasses each year that are the ‘right here, right now’ for her. While in the past she has chosen glasses that are light and barely noticeable, this time she went for all out style. She chose a bold frame with lime green lattice sides and they make her feel very stylish. I’m so proud of her for embracing them as part of her own unique style – go Summer!

Summer is thoroughly enjoying her riding lessons and doing so well. she has already learned how to groom & tack. She has even been able to steer, do 2 point and trot! People keep telling me she’s a natural! A very happy girl.

As I realized that our schedule was going to get much busier the following week with the addition of two more sports, I thought I should capture our schedule before the change took place, and then I’m sure you can guess what will be in next week’s layout as well.

On the right side:

2011 04 26_1124 

My very creative son decided to write a screenplay for one of the projects in his portfolio for presentation at his CGS interview. He amazes me with his imagery and imagination when he writes (while his spelling leaves much to be desired-ha). The top left picture is of a delicious surf and turf dinner we had to celebrate my oldest nephew’s 21st birthday

I thought it would be fun to include Quotables from the week (I think I’m going to try to include that more often), here are a few:
”I forgot how much I love swimming. I feel so free when I’m in the water” ~ Bryce
”Every Saturday is the best day ever {because of riding lessons}” ~ Summer
”I know my Mom is hard on me because she doesn’t want me to end up working at McDonald’s” ~ Bryce
“God did a good job when he picked you to be my Mom!” ~ Summer

I wrote a letter to Bryce to tell him how proud we are of how hard he tried during the application process, it’s enclosed on one of the fold up journaling cards.

I decided to also include some stuff that came home from school this week. Summer’s honor roll certificate is shown on the two page spread photo. On this side of this 8.5x11 insert is a letter from one of Bryce’s teachers saying what a joy he is to have in class. Additionally, are some notes he wrote to prepare for his upcoming interview for Governor’s School. See pictures above to see how handsome he looked wearing a suit!

2011 04 26_1126 

I couldn’t help myself with a cliché about my coffee photo.

Oh, Caramel Mocha, I like you a latté!

Happy Scrapping!

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