Thursday, May 19, 2011

A *ROCKSTAR* made my Wednesdays jingly again!

Some time ago I posted about my new found love for Zumba. Since I always have to get the proper ‘gear’ for a class, I promptly bought a cute Zumba sarong and when my daughter saw it she renamed Zumba to ‘jingly butt’ class.

Then a sad thing happened, our wonderful instructor Mary decided she needed to take some time off (albeit well deserved) to find her ‘zen’.  While I certainly don’t begrudge her that, the month of April was very long and not nearly as jingly. Now that May has rolled around again and Mary is back with even more energy than before (if you’d met her you’d know that she was already a tough act to beat!). She is athletic, energetic, entertaining and engaging. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m in class or at a concert – because in my book, she is a ROCKSTAR

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