Thursday, April 14, 2011

Y is for…

Yankee, Shotzy & LadyI always wanted a puppy as a kid, but my Mom is allergic. I finally got one after Keith and I were married (he grew up with several). The story goes like this. Me: ' I want to have a baby', Keith: 'How about a puppy?' Me: 'OK, that will do for now' … the next week we got a chocolate lab named Yankee. Three months later… Me: 'Let's have a baby', Keith: 'Not yet', Me: 'OK, can we get another dog? Keith: 'Do I have a choice?' The next day, he came home from work and we had another puppy; a lab/boxer/collie mix named Shotzy. We had both dogs for quite a while and they moved around with us. Yankee was a crazy purebred and Shotzy was a mellow mix. Yankee used to jump up against our sliding glass door and leave messy, muddy puppy prints all down the door. We tried to keep them penned up in certain areas of the house, but Shotzy would just lean all her weight against the gates and bust them down. We were devastated when we lost Shotzy to cancer in 2004. Yankee stuck around for a few more years until 2007. We were all heartbroken after losing both of them and thought we'd never get a dog again. The kids started pleading on a regular basis and we finally gave in and rescued Lady, our sweet little Dachshund/Beagle mix last year . She has filled a spot in our hearts that we never knew was empty. The kids absolutely adore her and Summer thanks us daily for getting a dog.

Years, I have been...Wife: 18, Scrapbooker: 16, Terry's friend: 35, a Durango owner: 11, contact lens wearer: 22, CK subscriber: 8, Mom: 13, Nike sneaker wearer: 12, shot glass collector: 18, personalized license plate buyer: 20, dog owner: 14, candle lover: 11, blog reader: 1

This is one of many installments on the ABCs of Me's. Each week I will feature a different letter of the alphabet and a few corresponding entries on yours truly. This project was inspired by a class I took at Big Picture Classes (Me: The Abridged Version) which was based on a book called Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life.

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