Saturday, April 30, 2011


A special day for a special girl. Summer’s 9th birthday was last month and the day was full of fun and catered to requests. To start off the day, she was served breakfast in bed. She still had leftover star tattoos on her face from the night before…

2011 03 23_0315-edit

As it was a school day, she was chauffeured in by the Mommy Limo. Then as a surprise for my sweet girl, I brought her a Happy Meal for lunch and cupcakes for all of her classmates.

2011 03 22_0204

When school was done, she was again chauffeured home by the Mommy Limo. Fortunately, I had arranged a bouncy playdate with her friend, and they jumped on the trampoline for over an hour.

Dinner was made by request… chicken cutlet parmesan and spaghetti, followed by a strawberry birthday bundt cake with glaze and sprinkles.

2011 03 23_0721_edited-1

In the spirit of continuing the obvious spoiling, presents were in order. Her brother gave her the DVD for Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. Which inspired this Kodak moment…

2011 03 23_0178a

Then we gave her one of our presents…2011 03 23_0183

and then the piece de resistance…. her wish came true and she is now taking horseback riding lessons and loving every minute of it!


Happy Birthday and happy trails to my little tom-boy princess!

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