Friday, April 15, 2011

Project Life: Week 3

Howdy folks! Checking in with Week 3 (February 20th – 26th). Still loving the simplicity of it all as you can see by one of the photos as well as one of the journaling cards.
Project Life Week 3 20110220 left
Journaling cards:
Project Life: I am totally in love with this project. Keith and the kids are also contributing which will make the stories much richer and not always just told from my perspective. Life is Good!
I’m FLY’ing. It has saved me. She has introduced the baby steps of keeping a clean and organized home. I wasn’t born organized but a little each day keeps the clutter away. :-)
Old Me: Fat & Couch Potato
New Me: Shrinking & Gym Rat
My new addiction: EXERCISE
My new hangout: AmFamFit
Watch out skinny jeans – here I come!
I try to thank Keith on a regular basis for being such a good husband & father. He works hard so I can stay home with the kids and make sure they’re doing well in school. Love my MAN.
Project Life Week 3 20110220 right
Journaling cards:
Summer wrote: look at Stacey. she has a new haircut and it is cute!
I am loving my new hair! I told my stylist to take me from “soccer Mom” to “sassy!” and I think he hit it right on the mark. I love it!
Summer wrote: In this picture is me petting a horse in the stable. it was so much fun!!!!!
Summer immediately fell in love with the horses @ Hazelwild. Although the Level 1 class was full we had high hopes that she would get in. As luck would have it she did & starts lessons on 3/12. Summer is in horse HEAVEN.

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