Thursday, April 28, 2011

Project Life: Week 4

Welcome to my Week 4 (2/27-3/5), albeit quite late, but I made no promises on timeliness. As I write this I am working on closing out my Week 11 although it’s Week 12 for me. Now that I have a rhythm, I’ll  catch up and then probably remain two weeks behind in order to give myself some breathing room.  Perhaps if I had a paying sponsor I’d be more motivated to keep it right up to the minute, but alas, I do not. Therefore we are going on ME time and that means two weeks behind, and I’ll call that on time :-)

Project Life Week 4 spread

As you can see, I am still enjoying having my Project Life out in full view in my studio. I love that every time I walk in and out of the front door I can see our progress. I’m truly enjoying the whole immediate gratification of this thing!

This week I used Katie Pertiet’s Make A Date Stamp Set No.1 from for most of my photos.

Project Life Week 4 left 

Journaling cards on left side:

I got this chalkboard as a St. Patty’s Day decoration because I thought it would look cute in the kitchen. Imagine my joy when I came down this morning to find a little love note. {I love you Mom, from my DD Summer)}

Keith works a full time job during the week and then is a flight instructor on weekends. He’s usually a bit tired so when he has some down time a well deserved nap is usually in order!

(Re: Awesome hair product call Bed Head) Hair products to compliment my nickname ~ Sweet!

Simple Things: It’s nice to be able to do the simple things like having lunch with my kids at school occasionally. All of the little things add up and it’s the Simple Things that I’ll remember.

Project Life Week 4 right

The Annie Gooth girls, Katherine & Julie & I spent the day in DC as a surprise to celebrate Julie’s birthday. We toured U Steet, visited Ben’s Chili Bowl (President goes there) & ate lunch at Zaytinya. Good fun!


Monthly Harrington family gathering. Fajita Fiesta at Casa Harrington. Dad & Marti brought their new dog, Charley. Everyone was here except Jill (vacay in CA). We all watched the video of Summer’s talent show.

Project Life Week 3 20110220 algebra

{Written by Bryce} I was amazed at how much my algebra tutor helped me! Not only did I get a 100% on my next quiz, but my grade went up 5 points total.

Other notables about the week: Summer was excited to receive a birthday present from my sister in Ireland. I got to mark a milestone on the incentive chart my sister sent me. 15 pounds gone ~ yippee!

Crazy equations summed up our week. Hope your week adds up a little better!

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