Monday, April 11, 2011

Project Life: Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 (February 13th – 19th). I am totally digging this project (I’m pretty sure you get that, but it’s worth repeating!) The simple overlay outlines I made are working out wonderfully, and I love that I can just put a little caption on a photo and call it done. That leaves me room for more journaling on the cards, which I absolutely love by the way. It’s awesome how everything is color coordinated!

I originally thought that the binder rings sticking out in the middle would bug me, but I am so in love with bringing all of these pieces together that I really don’t mind them. It might have something to do with my love of office supplies, but that’s a completely different story :-)

Here are both sides ready to go.


Project Life Week 2 20110213


The left side.

Most of the photos I find I’m using are my everyday photos I take with the camera on my cell (Droid X). It does a decent job and it’s always in my pocket. After all, they say the best camera is the one you have with you!

This week was Valentine’s Day. There was a school function called Sweets with your Sweet. My hubby was able to make it home in time from work to go. We ended up making it a family affair which was fun, I mean who doesn’t like free ice cream!

Project Life Week 2 20110213 left


Journaling cards:

I went to Summer’s school on Valentine’s Day for a cream soda float. We all had fun. (Written by DH)

(Love the calendar cards, I plan on doing one a month, or at least when we have significant changes in our regular schedule to show what we’ve been up to.)

DS wrote: Mark, Caelen and I finally got to go to airsoft together. If you don’t know already, I’m the experienced looking one in the middle. Mark is the one on the left who also plays airsoft with me at/in his backyard but is still not as good at airsoft as I am. And at last Caelen. It was his first time playing and I thought he did pretty well besides breaking my M9 (M9=pistol)

{I love that my son infused his sense of confidence and humor in this little note, and the fact that he agreed to write it for me without complaining was awesome as well!}

Project Life Week 2 20110213 rightI find that I really love taking everyday candids or pictures of our surroundings. It helps me get a sense of what’s going on around us. I’m also trying to get better at not zooming in too closely to faces in order to capture some of the background stuff that at some point in the future may be very interesting.

Journaling cards:

Summer danced with her friend Morgan on stage for the first time for the CRES Talent Show. Her words when exiting the stage? “I can’t wait to do that again!”

Surprise Party: I got a bunch of friends together for dinner at Pancho Villa’s to surprise Keith for his 41st . He was most surprised when his college friend Craig showed up. The last time they were together was at our wedding in 1992. Paul as best man and Craig as groomsman. We sure had fun then as well as tonight!

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  1. Hi there fellow Virgo! Found your blog via your comment on Ali Edwards page. I love that your family is involved in the journaling that way you get multiple perspectives of what's going on around you! Wonderful!
    I just ordered my kit yesterday. Can't wait to get started!