Thursday, October 28, 2010

A is for...

Journaling reads:
Alarm clock hater
Short & sweet, I hate alarm clocks. I have nothing against the invention itself; I actually use timers and reminders throughout my day to make sure I get the important stuff done. But, I LOVE sleeping, and the fact that there is this THING whose specific purpose is to interrupt the peacefulness of my sleep does not make me happy at all. Although I am not a morning person, (those who know me understand that that is an understatement of the biggest proportion) I will occasionally wake up before my alarm is due to go off and think – HA I beat you, you dastardly little devil you. Until tomorrow then…

Addictive personality
I tend to get obsessed with things, I get going fast and furious, some things stick, some things don’t. Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law seems to be at play with these things. For example, I don’t think I’ve ever suffered from an addiction to exercise or apples, but scrapbooking and chocolate?? Well, that’s another story.

Apartment, our first one
It was a one bedroom basement apartment with one tiny little window. There were some weekends where we would sleep in until the afternoon, but because it was so dark we would have absolutely no idea whether it was night or day! It had a kitchen that opened to the living room. A giant closet that was a coat closet/pantry and of course, a bathroom and bedroom. It was really small, but cozy. We were newlyweds, so it suited us just fine! We lived there for a year before moving to Virginia Beach.
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This is the first of many installments on the ABCs of Me's. Each week I will feature a different letter of the alphabet and a few corresponding entries on yours truly. This project was inspired by a class I took at Big Picture Classes (Me: The Abridged Version) which was based on a book called Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life.

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