Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Running between the raindrops

I always find it amusing to watch people walk, and ultimately run, in the rain. There's this universal posture of slouching over. What's the deal? Do they really think that if they arc their body at the perfect angle that they will somehow magically run between the raindrops? And, umbrellas - do they really help? My experience with umbrellas is such that unless you are standing perfectly still in a rainstorm that is coming straight down from the sky, then you have a slight chance of remaining somewhat dry. If however you live here on a planet called Earth, then you are out of luck. I have found that umbrellas are good at a few things, 1) making your hand cramp as you try desperately to hold it at the perfect angle for staying dry; 2) aggregating not just one tiny drop, but a whole group of drops so a giant drop rolls directly down the middle of your back and 3) causing immense frustration as you attempt to shake off and simultaneously collapse said umbrella while dispersing the remaining raindrops on the one dry spot left on your right foot. Rainy days are good for several things however, such as sleeping in, watching movies and ordering take-out!

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