Thursday, December 9, 2010

G is for…

Gadget girl
I love all the new fangled devices that are coming out. Technology is awesome! I think it's great when gadgets are multi-purpose and portable. I'm in love with the new iPad - it is just too cool for words! Right in line with gadgets are apps (applications) I love discovering new apps and software that do cool things. It's especially awesome when I can sync all of my gadgets to be able to access info anywhere I am. I've recently discovered that my Dad is also a gadget freak so I guess it runs in the family. So if you come to visit me, know I will always have a gadget close at hand and the zeros will NOT be blinking on my VCR.
See also: Xternal brain, ipod

Giant Foods

Kind of a funny name for a grocery store. The first time I went in there I half expected to see radioactive sized fruits and vegetables like on that episode of Gilligan's Island. I feel like I go there practically everyday. It's so close to the house that I really don't mind. I suppose if it were further away I'd be forced to plan better. The picture to the left shows what a good sport Summer is. The sticker on the banana says "place sticker on forehead and smile" so she did as instructed and told me to take a picture...can you tell her Mom is a scrapbooker?

This is one of many installments on the ABCs of Me's. Each week I will feature a different letter of the alphabet and a few corresponding entries on yours truly. This project was inspired by a class I took at Big Picture Classes (Me: The Abridged Version) which was based on a book called Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life.

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