Friday, December 3, 2010

They gave me the wrong baby!

So I've been waiting for Harry's arrival, very impatiently I might add. I ordered him Thursday (Thanksgiving) and paid for one day shipping. He was supposed to arrive on Monday. Monday came and went, no notice and no Harry. Tuesday came and went too with a very vague email from store that said shipping was delayed one to two days due to external problems, whatever that means. So most of Wednesday went by with me wondering when he would arrive. Well at 5 o'clock, about 30 minutes before I was due to walk out the door to services for my son's friend, he arrived. I excitedly opened all the boxes and oohed and aahed each time a layer of the packaging came undone. The box was enormous and the laptop was much bigger than I expected (I know, you are probably saying, you told us it was a 17" laptop so what's the problem). Well, it just seems so much larger in real life. Anyway, I plug it in and turn it on, it powers up so quickly and the first thing I'm asked to do is type my name, so I press the keys s-t-a-c-e-y, and 'sacey' appears on the screen. I quickly retype, I just thought in my excitement I put in a typo - so I do it again,  s-t-a-c-e-y, again 'sacey' appears on the screen. Previous glow on my face disappears as I angrily type  s-T-a-c-e-y, but I am once again disappointed with 'sacey' staring back at me. So here goes the waiting game, luckily customer service understood that this was not the baby I expected, they were very pleasant and are overnighting me another laptop that is supposed to arrive on Monday - so stay tuned, or should I say 'say uned'.


  1. Where did you come up with the name Harry for a laptop??? Katherine

  2. Katherine - check out this post to see where the name comes from