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Welcome to ‘Camp Ellie’

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Each summer I take the kids up to my parents’ house for a few weeks. As I write this I am basking in the glow that remains with me after my time at ‘Camp Ellie’. Since my Mom has turned their house into a resort like atmosphere, we lovingly refer to it now as Camp Ellie (Mom’s name is Ellen).

A bed and breakfast brochure might read something like this...

Themed Rooms Sure to Please
Carefully maintained grounds situated in central Long Island, convenient to the LIRR and airport, will always aim to please. Here, the grass is truly greener while the pleasant pops of color in the outdoor landscaping are pleasing to the eye. Caution, Disney lovers live here, so hidden Mickey’s abound! Stay in one of our fabulously themed rooms, whichever suits your pleasure. There are activities to please all ages. Fittingly, the first room is our Disney themed room. It comes complete with mom's house, the disney room

character shaped pillows, wall decorations and a near complete set of Disney movies,


Walt himself would find himself right at home. Additionally, a computer with internet is available as well as wi-fi found throughout the resort. A TV is wall mounted, and comes with VHS and DVD capabilities. A PS2 is available for use within this room and a Wii can be found in the main area.

Should you be younger at heart and/or are travelling with small children, the adjoining room houses bunk beds, a Barbie town house and a variety of toys to keep even the pickiest of IMG_4335

children entertained for hours. Travelling with an infant or toddler? You will be pleased to know that although the year round occupants qualify for AARP, all outlets are covered and child locks are installed on all cabinets. Somehow it seems that both infant formula and adult cocktails and all beverages in between are fully stocked and at the ready. A magical room in the lower level acts as a Mary Poppins’ carpet bag of sorts for those who forget swim suits or even snow boots.

Located in the lower level of the resort are the Victorian Room grammy's B&B

and the Garden Room.

Both rooms can sleep two ( more on air mattresses if the resort is at full capacity). In the quaintly appointed Victorian Room, guests will find a neutral color palate and decorations from 20101228-2010-12-28_10-44-12_66

days of old. Not to overlook modern conveniences, a TV with VCR/DVD are also available.20101228-2010-12-28_10-44-04_56

The Victorian Room also enjoys an unobstructed view of the grammy's B&B

extensive Lionel layout complete with miniature building and cars, a sure crowd pleaser!

 2010 07 12_2124_edited-1 

Extra hats and train whistles are sure to please even the youngest of conductors.

karen's camera beyelers in the usa 2010

The Garden Room with it’s pastel color palette, white scroll day bed and soft grass like carpet is restful for the senses. grammy's B&B

Butterflies adorn the walls as well as the curtains giving the room a peaceful quality. Complete with TV with VHS as well as noise cancelling machine, this room is an ideal destination for any family member.

Family Style Dining, Gaming & Movies
Family style movie viewing also available on the 50 inch movie like screen.

 grammy's B&B

Often showing train videos both toy size and life sized. Photos throughout the resort are lovingly chosen and framed and will be sure to warm the hearts of all passers's house

With family style dining and family style gaming, there is always an opportunity for lively conversation and interaction. The clinking of dice and jingle of tiles are no strangers to this room. Guests often gather here for a friendly game of Rummikub,

2009 07 15_summer09_0672

Farkle, Taboo, Cards or Uno karen's camera beyelers in the usa 2010

with many other options stored in the game archive. Favorite meals appear magically each evening and are quickly devoured by appreciative guests.

30,000 Gallons of Fun
Our on site pool is always refreshing, but never chilly.  Our outdoor facilities are a welcome respite for the weary traveler both young and old. Ample seating is available both inside and outside the pool area,

2009 07 23_summer09_0627

which of course is gated for protection of the wee ones. The on-site life guard staff will require swim tests of the young folk to prove swimming ability before determining if swimmies or restrictions to the shallow end are required. A plethora of sunblock is ever present to prevent becoming crispy in the hot New York summer sun. Color coordinated umbrellas abound as well as a lovely canopied swing4th of July and Bryce's 13th birthday

to provide many shaded options. For dry land sunbathing, 4th of July and Bryce's 13th birthday

chaise lounges are provided; for those willing to risk a splash or two from the pool’s occupants, poolside chairs are available to dangle the tootsies,

2009 07 15_summer09_0667

and for the fully adventurous, chair floats provide partially submerged sunbathing.


Goggles in all shapes and sizes, pool toys and ride on floats abound.

2009 07 17_summer09_0659

30,000 gallons of pure fun including a slide for 10 and under.2009 07 17_summer09_0653

Sunny or Shaded Play Areas
For those who prefer non-aquatic activities, options abound in the sunny plush green carpeted area as well as the shaded patio play area. The fenced in grass area is the perfect size for chasing toddlers. For the budding archaeologist,Danielle's camera

there is a child sized sand box complete with a seated crane. For those who would like to play house, a miniature play cabin comes complete with faux-fireplace and peek-a-boo windows. Our resident alligator see saw and angel fish rocker have hosted a variety of riders. For the more adventurous type – you’ll find a child sized roller coaster that will be sure to please Danielle's camera

thrill seeking toddlers.  While the wee ones are napping, the older children can have hula hooping contests, obstacle course races, or engage in games of bocce ball, crochet and lawn darts.

 4th of July and Bryce's 13th birthday

Fair skin types may enjoy some fun in the shade. Hundreds of vintage matchbox cars complete with city play mat 2009 07 15_summer09_0671

as well as bags of legos will be sure to entertain. There is even a toddler sized picnic table to enjoy bite sized lunches or pint sized crafting.

    4th of July and Bryce's 13th birthday

Amenities Abound
Drinks and snacks are always close at hand directly off the patio either in deck side coolers or the indoor fridge. Little hands can easily find ice pops and juice boxes as well as individual snack bags.

It’s a great place to come for holidays, 20101225-DSC_0012 2010 10 31_4178_edited-1 IMG_4275_edited-1


2010 12 27_christmas in ny_0589_edited-14th of July and Bryce's 13th birthdaytj


anydays and summertime fun.

4th of July and Bryce's 13th birthday


No need to bring a playpen nor highchair as these fun loving grandparents keep them on hand and are ready at a moments notice. Shuttle service available from local airport or train station upon request. Reservations are requested but not required.

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All visitors receive the best in welcome and departure hugs!

Happy New Year with Grammy & Fossil

Y’all come back now, ya hear!

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