Friday, July 15, 2011

Project Life: Week 14 (5/8-5/14)

Although I blogged about our wonderful trip weeks ago, it took me a while to get pictures of the finished pages. This week I did some things a little differently. Although we weren’t technically gone the entire week, I took the liberty of filling up the entire two page spread of just us. Seriously, the last time we commandeered a full spread was probably in our wedding album, so I figured it was about time. Additionally, this was the first week I ventured into using Ali Edwards’ long journalers, and I absolutely love them! I had so many photos and memorabilia to occupy all of the pockets as well as a long story to tell so I really maximized this spread. I could’ve really turned it into a mini album, but I really wanted these memories to ‘live’ in a place that I would visit them often.

I took the blog post that I did right after returning from the trip and printed the journaling onto cardstock. It ended up taking up four pages! I then slipped the four of them into American Crafts 6x12 page protectors. They are the perfect solution when I have a lot to say, which apparently after this trip I did!

2011 06 25_project life_3175

So many great memories, packed into one little week.2011 06 25_project life_3176

These journalers were a life saver! If I had actually hand-written that story my wrist would still be aching!

2011 06 25_project life_3177

All of these little pieces of memorabilia, like the map pictured here, made it right into the book. Anything that didn’t make it in, got tossed. I love it! Simplifying the process and de-cluttering at the same time.2011 06 25_project life_3178

After writing that much I did not even feel a twinge of guilt using filler cards instead of journaling in the leftover pockets :-) 2011 06 25_project life_3179

Project Life can be anything you want it to be. The more I make mine my own, the more I love it!

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