Friday, July 15, 2011

Project Life: Week 12 (4/24/-4/30/11) & Week 13 (5/1-5/7/11)


These two weeks got a little busy so I improvised and made it work for me. Instead of making myself try to fill two pages for each week I just did a week on each page and I am thrilled. Thrilled that I didn’t let this little hiccough ruin the pure joy I am getting out of documenting the everyday – EVERYDAY :-)Project Life Week 12

Week 12 in our corner of the world was all about Easter. Dying eggs, ordering the ham, coordinating the Easter menu. This year I volunteered to have the Harrington family Easter meal at our house and I am happy to report it was a success. Everyone brought a little something and all together it turned out well. Since I couldn’t possibly capture the perfect photo of our perfect ham, I once again turned to the professionals and simply cut out the photo from the advertisement. Couldn’t get any easier!

Project Life Week 12

This Makes Me Happy (I love this journaling card)
After struggling with reading in 1st and 2nd grade and then frustration with math this year, my little girl is finally finding her groove. It’s not so much that she got an A on this (the test in the adjoining pocket) but if you look closely there are no dots and circles and slashes to count out the answers. Just clear, confident numbers. Go S!

Easter festivities
I hosted Easter this year and we had quite a house full of people. This kids enjoyed their Easter baskets. They got Kings Dominion Season Passes again (the gift that keeps on giving.) They also dyed some eggs in a rainbow of colors. We enjoyed a Honey Baked Ham compliments of Keith’s boss (a Christmas gift certificate we finally used.)

Project Life Week 12

Today I finally got the guts to try and ride Keith’s motorcycle and I did it! I still have a long way to go before I’ll truly be comfortable but I remembered all of the mechanics.
Went to DMV and officially have my motorcycle “M” on my license. Woohoo!

Love Notes
Each night we make lunches for the next day. Most nights I do it alone but tonight Summer helped me. She thought it would be a nice surprise for Keith to have a note in his lunchbox to enjoy. Seriously – how cute is that?
“Dear Dad, I hope u have a very good lunch at work. I love U. From, Summer”

It’s not just chocolate, they were Godiva from NYC. I got them from my sister over a year ago for Christmas. I savored each and every one. I ate the last one today so no more pretty red box in my hiding spot. Chocolate ‘map’ enclosed in adjoining pocket that I would examine before choosing my treat each time.

Summer is playing softball for the first time and is doing quite well. At her first game she toughed it out getting hit with the ball, and was able to get on base twice. Go Summer!


This two week spread also included some big headlines. Will & Kate’s fairytale wedding as well as the execution of Osama bin Laden. I documented both in an 8.5x11 insert. On the front side is a photo of Prince William & Princess Katherine’s first balcony kiss as published in Time magazine, willnkate

coupled with the invitation to high tea at a friend’s house. On the reverse is a photo of the Time magazine cover of Osama with a bloody X across his head as a watermark behind the text of President Obama’s national address announcing the demise of Osama. Glad we finally got rid of that piece of garbage.
osama copy

I think from time to time I’ll put in major news headlines to give a little flavor of what’s going on in the world outside our happy little home.

Go to Becky’s blog and check out what’s in store for Project Lifers coming this fall.

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