Friday, July 8, 2011

Project Life: Week 10 (4/10-4/16/11)

Aaah, another wonderful week passes us by. How lucky am I to have found Project Life? Surprisingly, I have been keeping up with it consistently. Consistency has never been a strong suit for me, so although you see I’m 10 weeks into this thing, in reality, I am actually up to date! I am currently living with Week 22. It resides half done (as it is only Wednesday) sitting prettily out in my studio. I’ll even prove it with a photo at the end of this post.

Now back to our regularly scheduled week, introducing Week 10.

Project Life Week 10

This week was an interesting one, as Bryce had a Boy Scout Court of Honor in which he received several merit badges and not one, but two rank advancements up to Second Class. Additionally, since we all successfully passed our motorcycle class, Keith and Paul got right to the business of adding some street cred for us in our neighborhood while tooling around on Paul’s new motorcycles.

Project Life Week 10 

Journaling cards read:

So proud of Bryce for getting two more merit badges and TWO rank advancements in tonight’s Boy Scout Court of Honor. I was especially tickled when they called me up to the front as well to be ‘pinned’ by him with his new rank.

Goodloe Boys
These two grown men have been together since practically birth. It’s wonderful that they’ve remained friends over all these years. They’ve gone from tricycles and bicycles to cars and motorcycles. Just boys with more expensive toys.

And now presenting, the right side…

Project Life Week 10  

Journaling cards read:

We only get to see Dean and his family once a year since they live on the West Coast. It’s hard to believe Tiffany is in high school already. She has great grades. She and Summer get along so well. We are hoping to go out there next year to visit.

Beverly Hillbillies
Is the show that immediately came to mind when Bryce was driving around in a tractor. He suggested that Summer ride IN the trash can. Being a lady she declined and chose the seat in front of the trash can instead. Classy all around….hmmm?

Summer LOVES sleepovers. She has one nearly every weekend. This time she and Allison watched movies and ate pizza and ice cream. They managed to even get some sleep. I love all the giggles.


{here’s the proof :-) }


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