Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Much Fun!

A popular topic has obviously been the snow that has been poured down on our area in very large quantities... what this has meant for me though was an unexpected winter vacation with my kids. Since summer vacation ended, the leisurely days of sitting around in our PJs eating popcorn and watching movies at noon have since vanished. In the midst of the wintery wonderland I've been reminded of how lucky I am to now be a stay-at-home-mom of almost a year. Sure there are moments, especially in these last two weeks of an unexpected school vacation, where I've said, 'I wish they had school today'...however, I know all too soon, they'll be all grown up and their favorite place to be will NOT be up my kazoo.  I try to laugh and find some humor in that now to keep me sane even though as I write this my daughter is sitting on the floor next to my desk and has asked me at least a dozen questions during the course of this post. Now I am off once again to get the requested crafty item, because after all, how can I say no to "Mommy, can you print out a picture of Fossil & me so I can make a scrapbook page?"...those are certainly beautiful words to hear for more reasons than one!

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