Saturday, February 20, 2010

Library of Memories

I'm taking a class online called Library of Memories and it is absolutely wonderful! It's about organizing your pictures in a way to help you make connections and capture the memories that are really important rather than just slapping photos and captions on a page. A recent assignment was to create a page noted your Least Common Layout. If you had asked me before the assignment I would've said that I did a pretty good job of capturing the people we love on my layouts. However, after looking through my books, I noticed that all the people were certainly represented but there was not much in the way of describing why they were special and what I loved about them. So as a jumping off point I decided to do a layout about my Dad and his nickname, Fossil, and also why that nickname has evolved into so much more than just a endearing term for Grandpa. I'm looking forward to looking at my photos in a new light and being sure to capture the wonderful and quirky personalities of those I love in order to preserve them for us now and for future generations.

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