Friday, January 14, 2011

December Daily: Day 16

2010 DD Day 16 2 pg

Journaling reads:

In true Christmas tradition we Harrington girls went to the mall and shopped til we dropped....literally. The ornaments were so pretty and we got enough snow to cancel school (which doesn’t require much :-)

So thankful for snow! The first snow day of the year, just in time to get ready for Christmas break. It’s funny how when I took this photo I just wanted to capture one of the kids in the snow, and now as I look at it there is so much more. Summer is wearing a hat from Bryce Resort, which is where our son Bryce got his name (Keith’s granddad had built a ski house up there that we used to visit pre-kids). She is also wearing a well- worn and well-loved fighter pilot jacket that has been passed down in the Harrington family. (Proud pilots & proud military heritage). Everyone thought since Bryce was the youngest boy that it would stop there - but alas my little princess tom-boy wears it every day!

Supplies: Templates & Overlays: Ali Edwards, Cardstock: Atomic Cupcake, Snow Overlay: Flergs

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