Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My thoughts on digi vs. paper scrapping (from LOM forums)

I've been 100% digi since 2003 and don't ever plan on going back to paper scrapping.  I'm a big fan of Smilebox for keeping my pics in front of others and have even taught my siblings and my Mom to use it so they can share too. I love, love, love this class and there has obviously been a lot of thought behind it. I'm anxious to see what other pearls of wisdom I can glean in the next few weeks :-)
1) How comfortable you are viewing your pics on the computer? VERY, I'm looking at my pics ALL the time. I have a laptop and a desktop, plus pictures on my phone. I store photo albums on my iPod touch (now switched to LOM category albums). I just downloaded the Shutterfly app for my iPod so now all of my archived highlight folders are available to me in a click or two.
2) How others in your life view your pictures? I blog, I upload pics to facebook, I txt and send pictures, I email photos and I send out at least a Smilebox or two a month. My kids also know how to view the pics that are currently on the camera. She will also let me know which pictures she would like printed for her scrapbook.  Completed layouts get printed in Shutterfly books after every 20-30 pages. Immediately after completing a page I print a smaller version to hang in my Wall O Photos display on the entrance wall. Plus I have an entire shelf of completed albums on a bookshelf in my studio that everyone looks at regularly.
3) How you organize?  Where do you put down your to do's and tasks?  Your grocery list?  Your notes? To do's either go in my ipod, or my cell and everything gets consolidated into OneNote on my computer. Same goes for layout ideas, theme album ideas and family requests. I would like to say I'm 'paperless' but I'm not quite there yet. Although I do religiously print the handouts, etc for my clipboard and LOM binder.
4) Where do you scrapbook? Wherever I want, whenever I can. I have a laptop and like to be completely portable. I've done pages on trains, planes, in the car (while a passenger of course), by the pool, at the beach, in bed - you get the picture. I love the no clean up aspect!         My laptop had to be fixed a few weeks ago and I was so miserable being tied to my desktop in order to scrapbook. I like to be in the middle of the action, to know what my kids are up to, and they put their two cents into whatever page I'm working on.
5) How often do you print things when you are working with them?  Never.  I do however do a lot of zooming in and out on PSE to make sure things are lined up, spelled correctly, etc.
6) Storage Space and Cost- How will you use the pics once taken?  How much storage space do you have?  How price factors into your budget? I rarely print pictures other than completed scrapbook pages. I'm fortunate that storage space isn't a problem, but I think that's because all of my scrapbook supplies 'fit' inside my computer now :-) Price is definitely a factor because I don't want to waste my money, but I'm certainly open to finding new options, that's why I 'm taking this class. Once I take pics, I download to computer, then upload to S Fly. About once or twice per month I make a smilebox to share electronically.
7) How organized do you currently feel?  Why you are taking this class?  How confident are you that you can adapt the system digitally and keep the principles and make it work? I love the system that Stacy has designed and have been asking specific questions in order to make it work for me. I'm confident that this system will stay with me as I can already see the benefits. I'm still trying to figure out how all of the pieces work together, but I'm going to wait until I have all the information before I make any final decisions.

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