Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Library of Memories Progress Update

With all of the hard (yet fun) work I've been putting in these last few weeks to really get the Library of Memories system working I thought it would be rewarding for me to capture all that I've accomplished so far.

I have skipped around a little bit based on what I was inspired to scrapbook. I am 100% digi now but am also dealing with a plethora of prints from before 2002. So far I am completely done tagging, highlighting and uploading 2002, 2003, 2009, and 2010 to date. I've also done SB for printed pics for 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1990, 1991, 2000 and 2001. The rest of my pictures are sorted by decade and by year from 1970 on. I also have some heritage photos that are all together in one box. All of my pre 1990 stuff has been moved back into another room as it was just overwhelming to look at everyday. But I am currently living with everything from 1990 to present and working through it.

I have about 450 digi layouts and 50 paper layouts from 2002+ that I plan on rearranging into my LOM categories. About half of the digi layouts are already printed as single pages, and half are printed in Shutterfly books (so I'll have to reprint those as pages in order to incorporate them into my library). The 250 printed that I have to work with are already sorted into piles for volumes and sections awaiting the arrival of my new WRMK albums (can't wait til they get here!!! ) I was even able to use 50% off coupons to order them, so I'm super-psyched about that as well. I have my volume and section page designs completed but have yet to add pictures to them. Since I was able to find the adorable Buttercup yellow leather binders, I will have to re-do the color scheme to match. I originally didn't understand the need for those pages but doing them really helped me solidify the sub categories, so kudos to Stacy Julian's LOM once again.

I've also finished some ideas from PF, as I created my "Start Here" jar already. It is sparkly pink and brown with cupcakes on it and makes me smile every time I look at it. As in Stacy's book, I purchased acrylic photo frames for the doors of the kids' bedrooms and have printed out layouts and signs that say Bryce's Room & Summer's Room. They are very excited since those pages showcase pictures from our fun family vacation at Fleeton we took last summer.

I am so happy with the progress I've made and can't imagine how I used to scrap without this system!! Being true to my scrapstrong pledge, I asked my friend Stephanie, if the current location of my scrapbook albums was a good one. She's a good friend, so I got an honest answer from her. She told me, they looked very nice and neat all in a row on the bookcase. BUT, even though they were in full view of anyone entering my home - they were technically "in my office" (which doesn't have a door) - they seemed to require an invitation to look at them. Sooooo, now I am taking that bookcase moving it to a more central location so our family library will be out in the open, viewable and accessible to everyone that comes into my home! I am preparing for both Summer's birthday party in a few weeks and her Communion in May when loads of family and friends will be visiting the house. I am excited to see people help themselves to the shelves! The bookcase will also conveniently provide a place for a digital frame to sit in full view as well. I love LOM, thanks Stacy!!!

I am still able to end this post on the upside even though my laptop is on the fritz and won't be fixed until this weekend because I know that even though I'm not physically making a page right now, I'm still doing the things that are important to making sure the right memories are being preserved and I'm able to breathe a GUILT FREE sigh of relief.

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