Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My sink smiled at me this morning

In my own true, crazy fashion whatever I read about I tend to do...so I started reading about organizing and cleaning. I know, you are probably saying to yourself, why on earth would someone need to read about cleaning. Well, I suppose that is me. If I want to do something better, or faster, or more efficiently I grab a book, google it, subscribe to a magazine or blog feed - I've come to terms with it that it's the way I'm wired. What I happy to report is that I found this great website called FLYlady.net. She must be able to read my mind because all of her stuff totally makes sense. Now a side note, even though I am quite certain that my Mom is my biological Mom, there are just some things about us that are wired quite differently. And cleaning is one of them. My mother has this superpower of sorts, that she can go through a room and completely dismantle, clean and reassemble it after spending consecutive hours or days on the project, whichever is appropriate. Bravo to her, but unfortunately I did not inherit that marathon stick-tuitiveness gene. I tend to get bored easily, with everything, not just cleaning. So I have to mix it up a bit and spend a little time here, a little time there. So Mom if your reading this, you may as well stop because it might just drive you a little bit crazy, LOL.
Enter the FLYlady...thankfully, there seem to be other people out there that suffer from the same affliction and she was one of them. So I get daily emails from her site that encourage me to do projects here and there, and wouldn't you know it, it's working! My Mom always told me I needed a routine, and although I never disagreed I never really got one either. So now I'm trying to get one! I've also discovered that just as much as crud can start to creep around, so can 'clean'. Now, my shiny sink, has turned into shiny counters and it's spreading all over my house. I now understand why my mother would always clean the kitchen before she went to bed, because when I came down to a clean kitchen this morning, I could swear that my sink smiled at me.

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