Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Project Life: Week 18 (6/5-6/11)

Week 18 and I’m still here! Whew, well as you can tell I’ve gotten quite a bit behind, but that’s only on the blogging part. I still am totally in love with my Project Life. It’s keeping me centered in the everyday and is definitely taking care of the urge to scrapbook. (Possibly a little bit too much as I haven’t really done much other scrapbooking). But I’m ok with that for now.

  • Empty laundry baskets equal laundry done! :-)
  • (19) Anniversary wishes & breakfast in bed
  • Wishing my sneakers could provide motivation
  • The puppy love continues
  • Yummy lunch at Katherine’s
  • More puppy love


We enjoyed dinner together at Pancho Villas to celebrate the many awards both kids received. A’s & B’s all around! Go Bryce & Summer. We are so proud of both of you! Love Mommy & Daddy

2011 06 25_project life_3187

So proud of our creative little girl for getting the Art Award for the second year in a row!

{Adorable dressed up puppy is from a Build A Bear ad}

Fun times on our progressive playdate with Ben & Alex. We went from the bouncy house, to the McDonald’s playland, wandered around Michael’s craft store for a bit and then back to our house to let the fun continue for the kids and the adults!

2011 06 25_project life_3188

As you can see, I still keep my supplies at the ready right on my desk and that is helping me keep up.

School’s out for summer – yippee! Let the fun begin :-)

Insert not shown can be viewed here regarding some medical issues Bryce has been having.

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