Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inspiration hits!

I've thought about scrapbooking a lot lately. I've kept up with my Project Life diligently. However, inspiration to do an 'actual' page has been escaping me. I've spent countless hours staring at my photos but not really finding anything spectacular that hadn't already been documented in some form in my Project Life until... I stumbled upon a photo from last year taken in the same exact location I had photographed my kids just a few months ago. This year's photo is posted on my Week 18 here 

Here is the resulting layout using some stuff from Flergs and some stuff from Ali Edwards. Life is good all over again!

I love how I was able to include the growth lines on the side. I made sure that both photos were the exact same scale before putting them side by side to do my 'virtual measuring stick'. (In PSE I stacked them and then lowered the opacity of the top photo in order to see through it while resizing the other to match.)

Happy Scrapping!

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