Saturday, April 25, 2015

House of Delegates Page!

We were so proud of our son when he was accepted into the State House of Delegates Page program as a freshman in high school. This meant that for the 9 weeks of the General Assembly, he was to live in a hotel in downtown Richmond (chaperoned, of course!). Each day he'd report to the General Assembly Building to carry out a variety of tasks. He did some filing, copying, mail delivery and lunch orders. He got to know his way around the immediate area of the hotel in downtown Richmond and had a fabulous time. He learned about the legislative process and about self discipline. Since he was living in Richmond during the week, he had to homeschool himself at night. He managed to keep his grades up the whole time and had such a wonderful experience. I'd highly recommend it for any self motivate, intelligent 13-14 year old. It was an adventure he'll never forget!

He is now a senior in high school. We truly believe that this experience along with his volunteer work with the rescue squad helped tremendously in the college application process. He was accepted at all five school he applied to and three of them gave him generous scholarships.

Please share any impactful experiences your school aged chidren have had! I have one more coming up through the ranks. Thanks!

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