Friday, October 31, 2014

WITL 2014 - Monday 10/27: The Stories & Photos

So happy to be embarking on this journey once again! The last time I did a Week in the Life (WITL) was in 2011. I love going back and looking at that completed album. Yes! I did say complete - that feels so good.

This time was a little less overwhelming though. I did some prep. That involved buying a new charger for my camera's battery, planning a kit for the layouts (I'm digi so that meant creating a smart collection in Lightroom for kits, word art, templates and embellishments I plan on using), taking a whirl at prepping some of the main pages, printing out Ali Edwards' Daily Planning Sheets and making sure that either my iPhone is in my pocket at all times and/or my DSLR is my new accessory for the week.

It also involved, in true Paul Revere style, warning my family that "Week in the Life is coming! Week in the Life is coming!" They have been forewarned that by the end of the week, they will indeed be seeing spots and there's a good chance I'll take photographs of them while they're sleeping...

Here are some of my favorite shots from today:

The day can't start off right without a cup of coffee. I doesn't hurt that Minnie Mouse smiles at me as I drink it... It's too bad that Summer isn't feeling very smiley this morning. She woke up with a stomach ache . No school for her today.
Gotta keep the body healthy, I take these everyday. Call the school to let them know Summer will be out.
A positive message to start my day
Time to get to work. Summer uses my computer at night to watch Netflix or Right Now Media. I'm stuck cleaning up her mess before I can get to work. Around 11am, the sick child and the puppy dog come meandering downstairs. Lady finds her sunny spot to lie in and Summer finds a book to read. No school equals no TV/screen privileges and she's knows better than to even ask.

Around noon, I enjoy a refreshing Cherry Coke Zero while finishing up payroll taxes and jamming to Pandora. I send off the music related question to my Mom (we're working on the Two Views class from Cathy Zielske.)

My car is in the shop today. It drives me crazy to feel stranded (first world problem, I'm well aware). Of course though, my car won't be ready until 5 which is the exact same time that Bryce has to leave for the station and Steph has to pick up Jillian. There go Plan A and Plan B. Must explore Plan C in order to pick up my car, which thankfully by the end of the day should no longer sound like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

So thankful that I have a job that allows me to work from home most days. 
So I can be around for silly moments like this
and this...
and reactions like this...

And sweet faces like this... And do you see that sweatshirt? That means this boy is graduating in June. Trying to steal every photo I can while he is still here everyday.

We're enjoying the switch to fall, and all the excuses it brings for pretty decorations.

And, then it's off to swim practice for my girl. I do laps around the school while she does laps in the pool! 
And as a bonus, I get to hang out with my friend Steph! She was kind enough to squeeze in taking me to get my car before she had to pick up her daughter. After all she says, "that's what best friends are for!"
There are many more great photos from today. So very thankful for that!

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