Friday, August 23, 2013

Fun with Marvin: Day 5

Today looks like a good day for a road trip! We are on our way up to Long Island, NY to visit my parents for the weekend to celebrate my mother’s 65th birthday. The trip is about 370 miles, which is relatively the same distance-wise as going from Oftersheim to Hamburg, Germany. Usually this trip takes 6 and a half to seven hours… unfortunately we hit traffic in many places and it took over nine hours to make the trip!

2013-08-01 12.26.06

Lots of traffic does not make happy passengers! On one of our pit stops, we went to Wendy’s (a fast food restaurant). Marvin was shocked at the size of the large drink!

2013-08-01 13.33

After such a long time stuck in the car, the kids were very happy to be able to go swimming in Grammy and Fossil’s pool.

2013-08-01 19.30.02 2013-08-01 19.30.16

They were even more excited when Grammy said she was ordering pizza for dinner! There is something special about New York Pizza. Second only to the pizza that Marvin had in Italy, he said this pizza was the best he ever had.

2013-08-01 20.18.34

Bryce was super excited to have his favorite chicken parm hero from Little Vincent’s too!

 2013-08-01 20.28.10

We even taught Marvin how to fold his pizza so he could eat it like a real New Yorker!

2013-08-01 20.21

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