Friday, August 23, 2013

Fun with Marvin: Day 3

A laid back day, jet lag kicked in for Marvin and the boys just wanted to hang out in the basement playing some video games. This worked out fine for me since I was working home this day. I took a break from work and took the kids to WalMart to get a soccer ball and then took the kids to the park to play.
2013-07-30 13.30.08 2013-07-30 13.32.31
Later that evening we had a group function at one of the host families’ home. The kids had a great time cooling off in the pool and learning an American pool game “Marco Polo”. After working up an appetite playing in the pool, the boys devoured some snacks while waiting for dinner to be served.
2013 07 30_Marvin_8984 2013 07 30_Marvin_8986 2013 07 30_Marvin_8987

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