Monday, March 12, 2012

So Scary

Since I couldn’t really talk on the phone with all the nurses and doctors checking on Summer, I sent these texts to let my husband and my two best friends know what was going on.
In Spotsy ER with Summer
Is she OK?
Head pain. Screaming. BP 164 over 90. They are giving her drugs for pain.
Did she go to the neurologist?
Yes. They said she has migraines. She started screaming on the way home. Drugs have kicked in so she’s not screaming anymore.
Do they know the cause?
They are assuming migraines, they are doing another CT scan to make sure nothing else is going on. They gave her morphine, she is still hurting but not crying.
Ridiculous, right?
Pain still high, crying again, they gave her another dose of morphine.
She wanted me to send you this picture to show you she’s being a trooper.
Poor baby, I’ll go let Lady out and then I can come to hospital
Lady is taken care of.
Ok, I will come to hospital.
Spotsy ER, Room 9

Keith arrived at hospital and I kept my friends in the loop as well.
I’m scared, she’s still in pain, they are arranging an ambulance to transfer her to a hospital in Richmond that has a pediatric neurologist.
Stay calm and try not to let yourself get upset. She is going to be ok. Keep me updated. Would you like our company? {Katherine}
Do you want me to go with you? {Julie}
[These girls are the best, I didn’t even have to ask and they were at my side as soon as they could.]
Yes please, in Richmond. Ambulance eta 5 minutes.
Are you going in ambulance? {Julie}
Are they going to admit her? {Katherine}
Not sure yet, we’re doing an ER to ER transfer first. Will know more when we get there. I’m riding in ambulance with her.

After all of these texts flew back and forth we got very few answers. We are very thankful that the 2nd CT scan came back clear, as well as the spinal tap that was done later that night at the second hospital. Although, she was admitted to the hospital for observation and then released the next day, we still have more questions than answers. Nobody can seem to tell us what is causing these headaches and why it has lasted 18 days!!!! She was discharged with enough medications to take down a small army and now two days after her discharge we are finally seeing a small improvement.
Summer racked up a bunch of firsts throughout all of this, first CT scan, first ER visit, first ambulance ride, first IV – not a fun group of firsts.
We are so thankful that it is apparently nothing life threatening but that simple explanation does not help the little girl sitting on my lap crying and begging for the pain to stop.

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