Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paperclipping Roundtable rocks

I just found this awesome new podcast called the Paperclipping Roundtable. It totally rocks!!! It's a group of scrapbookers from different niches in the industry chatting about news and trends and products and they are totally hysterical. I can't even turn it off. I've already listened to 4 hours of shows in the last 2 days while walking the dog. It's so great to hear people who are passionate about the same things that I am and have the "in" inside the industry. To top it all off, they've already had two of my industry faves on as guests: Ali Edwards & Stacy Julian. When I tuned in to episode #4, I was thrilled to find out that Stacy has joined as a panelist - awesome! I'm really looking forward to future episodes and staying plugged in :-)
Need to check out and to see where the sponsors came from.

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