Monday, July 19, 2010

My quick trip to Ireland

Brief notes on Ireland

Karen sick prior to departure for airport after Luke being so sick so that we had to change our flight from Saturday to Tuesday. Short but sweet trip. Boys were so sweet. Karen’s house is very nice and spacious but she has so little storage. Nice reconnecting with her and developing a relationship with the twins. Can finally tell them apart!

Nightmare of a departure. Supposed to leave Saturday but Luke started vomiting as we were loading the luggage in the van. Changed flight to Tuesday. Good thing as had to take Karen to emergency room for exhaustion and dehydration. Convinced it was the USA humidity as she did a complete turn around despite being jet lagged once we arrived Ireland. I never quite got accustomed to the time change but with such a short trip I suppose it was just as well.

The Beyeler boys have never ending energy: we were princes and princesses, dragons, swords & light sabers and a rock band. We built and rebuilt a bazzillion train tracks, rode bikes, and did piggy back rides. Whew! I watched them while Karen went for a check up so we had fun and they were no problem at all. In addition to enjoying my time with the Beyelers, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to do some touristy stuff. I took a bus 2 hours to Dublin for the day . Exploring a foreign city on my own was amazing! I was able to take a hop on hop off tour and hit all the main sites. I got to tour the Guinness factory and there was the Gravity Bar at the top with an amazing 360 degree view of the entire city of Dublin. Saturday we got to visit Kilkenny Castle together and have lunch at the Hibernian hotel. It was such a nice day and hardly any rain. Definitely had the whirlwind tour, I hope I'll be able to go again someday.

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