Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Come in for coffee

I've recently gotten my house much more organized and have fallen into a pleasant routine of keeping my house in order. My downstairs in particular is so much neater. As a true sign of congratulations to myself I was able to invite my neighbor in for coffee on a whim and not worry about a thing. Sure there were breakfast bowls in the sink, but that was about it. I know her to be a clean fanatic and after hanging out at my house for a little bit with her infant twins, I offered to carry one of the babies back into her house. She stopped me at the door and said "that's ok, my house is a mess." I chuckled to myself, proud that I finally got my act together so I can finally invite my neighbors over for coffee without trying to hide things in closets or without that awful feeling of embarassment when someone stops by unexpectedly. Well, it only took me 41 years, but hey, better late than never!

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