Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Caroling with the Kool Aid Mom

My Mom is what I refer to as the 'Kool-Aid' Mom. Growing up, all the kids in the neighborhood gravitated to our house. Sure, I suppose it was to be expected during the summer since we were the only ones with an in ground pool, but the rest of the year was pretty much the same. 

Around Christmas time my parents used to invite all the neighborhood kids to our house to practice singing Christmas carols. We would rehearse singing well known carols for a few weeks before we'd make the neighborhood tour. There would always be candy canes during practice and hot chocolate to warm us up after traipsing through the snow to sing at neighbors' doorsteps. While I haven't held caroling practice at my home, I have definitely and proudly inherited the 'Kool-Aid Mom' gene and I love it! 

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