Thursday, August 13, 2015

No Mojo – On feeling uninspired and unmotivated

It’s easy to make good things happen while things are good. Making good things happen while things are plainly not-so-good is an entirely different matter. Learning to recognize when you need a proverbial kick in the pants is a good thing. Wallowing in the no-mojo zone is certainly a recipe for disaster.

I’ve been on a journey regarding gaining control over my weight issues since March of 2014 (well, who am I kidding – I’ve been on this journey since the appearance of my hips in high school!). The first few days were hard; then they got easier. Days and weeks turned into months and I successfully removed 68 pounds. I’ve done the yo-yo thing before. The weight loss part is relatively easy. It’s the maintenance part that’s hard. Really hard. To date, next to impossible.

When I signed up with the Medifast program in 2014 I figured I could eat their pre-packaged, pre-portioned food for however long it took to reach my goal. The real reason I bought the program was I felt they had success built in. Not only would I be able to work towards my goal for 7-12 months, but they also included a 10 week transition program and then one year of follow up after. I knew I’d need that part more than the weekly weigh ins to keep me on track initially.

Well, here I am, 17 months later, fighting the good fight once again. I tried to transition back to real food but in the midst of that my favorite counselor left, then the local corporate center shut down and you guessed it – life happened. There I was slipping back into old habits. Enjoying just a little too much. So now that I’ve packed on twenty something pounds I’m back in the saddle.

Today is Day 2 of the journey back down the scale. I’m trying to be proud of the 40+ pound removal that I sustained and looking forward to slimming down a little more and then doing transition right so I can stay there.