Sunday, November 2, 2014

WITL 2014: Saturday, 11/1 - Glo Run & Girlie Giggles

Welcome to Saturday. It was quiet in the house this morning. After trick or treating last night, Summer slept at Ally's house. It's been a busy week and I was very thankful to get to sleep in. Hubby and I had a leisurely chat over a cup of coffee.

Continuing on my weight loss journey includes working out. Checked that off for the day with the Jillian Michaels, Shred it with weights video. Whew, that's quite a workout. Definitely needed a long, hot shower after that!

Took advantage of the fact that everyone was home at the same time and snagged a FAMfie (Family selfie) on the deck.

Keith surprised me with flowers (photo courtesy of our son). An adorable bouquet of pink roses. Have I mentioned that I love this guy?

Bryce is lobbying for new computer parts and/or a new gun for Christmas. Today we sat down with him to double check to make sure that all the supporting documentation for his college applications had been submitted Also, we checked to make sure his ACT scores had been requested as well.

Summer and I had dinner at Firebirds with Mari, Jenni & Abby before doing the Glo Run. We had quite a few laughs and dinner was delicious. We enjoyed the warmth before venturing outside to the windy, chilly course around the Towne Center.

All us girls got all 'glowed' up and we started our adventure out on the course.

This race wasn't nearly as exciting as the Color Run we had done together just two months ago.

After the anti climatic ending of the race, we took the girls to Sweet Frog. We chatted and laughed some more as Abby entertained us with her silly antics and Summer made everyone giggle with her 'what ifs'... what if I had arms like ElastiGirl? They definitely had a lot of fun with that one!

Daily Digi Download Day. Love the first of the month when the new Digi Files are released and I get to download megabytes of digi goodness!

Fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow after a busy day!