Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The grand plan

I have a great idea for this blank wall in my house. My plan is to spell out our last name on the wall in a creative fashion. The plan is to make a collage of black and white photos in the shape of each letter. Since we have 10 letters in our name, I thought it would be great to highlight photos from the last 10 years. So, the first letter would have photos from 2004, the second from 2005, etc all the way to the last which would hold pics from last year. Then, should I be successful in actually pulling this off, my plan is to swap out the oldest photos/letter with the pictures from each successive year.

Now on to making the prints. I just saw this post from Cathy Zielske, and I think this product from Artifact Uprising just may be the solution I've been looking for!