Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Numbers don't lie

As a result of some recent allergy testing (, I found out that I am allergic to sugar. See more here. While I am only specifically allergic to beet sugar and maple sugar (along with 20 other items!), due to the fact that I reacted strongly to two things in the same category it is advised that I avoid the entire category.

I eliminated sugar two weeks ago, and while at first it wasn't easy, there have been some very positive side effects. First of all, my thinking is much clearer. Secondly, my clothes are fitting better and I lost 4 pounds in just the last two weeks without a change in my activity level! Add that to the 4.5 pounds I lost after removing inflammatory foods as well as the 10 I lost after going gluten and dairy free and you have one happy girl. Hey maybe I'll go have a cupcake and a glass of champagne... oh, that's right, I can't. I suppose that's how I'll keep off the 18.5 pounds that are gone already then!

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