Friday, January 20, 2012

2012: My word of the year is…

Ever since I heard about the idea of having one little word follow you throughout the year, there was a word I know I SHOULD choose. But like everything else instead of choosing what I SHOULD, I chose what I WANTED. This word has haunted and taunted me, and each time I thought about choosing it for my word of the year, quite frankly it scared me because I was (and still am) afraid that I would fail to live up to the expectations. The expectations the word itself holds, the expectations I would attach to it – just so many feelings of what if, and can I really do it have swirled through my head. I fought this word for years, convincing myself that I’m a free spirit, I thrive not having a particular schedule or structure to my life, but I suppose I’ve been fooling myself for far too long and it’s rearing it’s ugly head in too many areas of my life right now.
In recent weeks I’ve been leaning towards the word TRANSFORMATION. It' sounds so motivating, so powerful, so full of possibilities. In all honesty, without some other underlying successes, the transformation is just not going to happen. I am excited and scared to death to commit to this word this year. For some, this may seem overly dramatic. C’mon, your saying, just spit out the darn word already! You are a 43 year old smart, independent and strong woman, you didn’t get where you are today by not being able to achieve your goals! So I’m saying, I hear you and I thank you for believing in me. This was the very first word that popped into my head when I chose my word CONNECT for 2010. When I was getting ready to choose my word for 2011 it popped into my head again, but instead I chose STRENGHTHEN and said I would do it next year. Both of those words have served me very well. Again this year I almost pushed this word to the side. Like many others out there, I think this year my word chose me. There have been several signs, conversations, and various other things that have shown me that it is finally time.
My word this year is CONSISTENCY.
See, now you’re saying, that wasn’t so hard was it? I suppose you are right. Ok, world, it’s out there. So far in my life, I’ve been consistently inconsistent, so this is a big one. Certainly some areas are easier than others. So I’m going on the assumption that if I can remember to do certain things each day/week/month, then I have the ability to do it. I suppose now I need to work on the motivation behind why I have or haven’t been doing these things. I have some great opportunities to make changes, and I just have to be consistent.
My first order of business was to install an app called Habit Streak. I put in some basic things I should be doing each day and at the end of each night I have to check off the ones that I’ve done. I’ve only been doing it for two days and both nights I found myself running downstairs to finish something so I could get my beloved check marks. I have a list of all the things I should be doing to make a positive impact on my own life as well of the lives of my family members and friends. I’m trying to be smart about this so I didn’t add everything in there just yet. But as I’m getting into a routine and consistently doing what I’ve set out to do, I’ll add another thing here and there. It’s all about babysteps this time. I don’t want the crash and burn syndrome that I’ve done before.
So here’s to CONSISTENCY – bring it on 2012!

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