Thursday, December 1, 2016

'Tis the Season

This is certainly a special time of year. I start getting that holiday twinge sometime before Thanksgiving as I begin my holiday preparations. Although I'm not a fan of Christmas decorations and Christmas music being displayed or played in stores before Thanksgiving, once the turkey is out of the oven all bets are off.

This year we decorated the day after Turkey Day. After a recovering from a lovely tryptophan-induced food coma, we tricked out the house, inside and out, in St. Nick style. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, twinkly lights adorned the porch and the white Christmas lights on the tree made the family room glow just right. I love this time of year. Sure there's some crazy hustle bustle that goes on, but mostly it's about getting together with family and spoiling the ones you love.

Trying to remember to put a surprise adventure or treat in our family advent calendar will not be an easy feat this year with two teenagers to please but I believe I'm up for the challenge.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

No Mojo – On feeling uninspired and unmotivated

It’s easy to make good things happen while things are good. Making good things happen while things are plainly not-so-good is an entirely different matter. Learning to recognize when you need a proverbial kick in the pants is a good thing. Wallowing in the no-mojo zone is certainly a recipe for disaster.

I’ve been on a journey regarding gaining control over my weight issues since March of 2014 (well, who am I kidding – I’ve been on this journey since the appearance of my hips in high school!). The first few days were hard; then they got easier. Days and weeks turned into months and I successfully removed 68 pounds. I’ve done the yo-yo thing before. The weight loss part is relatively easy. It’s the maintenance part that’s hard. Really hard. To date, next to impossible.

When I signed up with the Medifast program in 2014 I figured I could eat their pre-packaged, pre-portioned food for however long it took to reach my goal. The real reason I bought the program was I felt they had success built in. Not only would I be able to work towards my goal for 7-12 months, but they also included a 10 week transition program and then one year of follow up after. I knew I’d need that part more than the weekly weigh ins to keep me on track initially.

Well, here I am, 17 months later, fighting the good fight once again. I tried to transition back to real food but in the midst of that my favorite counselor left, then the local corporate center shut down and you guessed it – life happened. There I was slipping back into old habits. Enjoying just a little too much. So now that I’ve packed on twenty something pounds I’m back in the saddle.

Today is Day 2 of the journey back down the scale. I’m trying to be proud of the 40+ pound removal that I sustained and looking forward to slimming down a little more and then doing transition right so I can stay there.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

House of Delegates Page!

We were so proud of our son when he was accepted into the State House of Delegates Page program as a freshman in high school. This meant that for the 9 weeks of the General Assembly, he was to live in a hotel in downtown Richmond (chaperoned, of course!). Each day he'd report to the General Assembly Building to carry out a variety of tasks. He did some filing, copying, mail delivery and lunch orders. He got to know his way around the immediate area of the hotel in downtown Richmond and had a fabulous time. He learned about the legislative process and about self discipline. Since he was living in Richmond during the week, he had to homeschool himself at night. He managed to keep his grades up the whole time and had such a wonderful experience. I'd highly recommend it for any self motivate, intelligent 13-14 year old. It was an adventure he'll never forget!

He is now a senior in high school. We truly believe that this experience along with his volunteer work with the rescue squad helped tremendously in the college application process. He was accepted at all five school he applied to and three of them gave him generous scholarships.

Please share any impactful experiences your school aged chidren have had! I have one more coming up through the ranks. Thanks!